Winter 2003



            1.    From Birth to Breast.


            2.   Anne McLellan responds to the INFACT Canada report.                  


            3.    Becoming a Mother.


            4.    Dangerous liaisons

                     - two examples why free supplies and gift packs must be eliminated


            5.    Fattening the bottom line

                    Who is monitoring Mead Johnson’s health claims?

                    And what about Health Canada?

                    Higher costs

                    Questions of efficacy continue

                    Possibility of negatively affecting breastfeeding rates

                    And what does Mead Johnson tell those who question their claims?

                    Mead Johnson recall of formulas with altered fats


            6.   Myth buster

                    Exclusive breastfeeding: the only water source young infants need


            7.   Vertical integration it’s called!

                    What we learn about commodification from a parenting magazine


            8.   National Annual Breastfeeding

                    Conference 2003:  Pathways to Exclusive Breastfeeding


            9.    World Breastfeeding Week 2003:

                    Breastfeeding in a Globalized World for Peace and Justice


            10.  Move to curb soy formula milk sales


            11.  Ken Dryden champions breastfeeding in Saskatoon


            12.  Announcing INFACT’s new (full colour) poster series,

                    Breastfeeding Benefits 101


            13.  Canada Celebrates Breastfeeding!

                    World Breastfeeding Week 2002.


            14.  West African monitoring reveals serious breaches by

                    Nestlé, Danone and Wyeth


            15.  Nestlé in the news:  Nestlé vs. Ethiopia


            16.  Canada Breastfeeds News


            17.   Abstracts




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