Nestlé sponsorship money returned! Nestlé did not sponsor the conference!

First Annual Canadian Perinatal and Pediatric Conference receives unconditional grant from Nestlé Nutrition

You may have heard about the up and coming Canadian Perinatal and Pediatric Conference this April. This conference is concerning because of its association with St Justine hospital and having received an unconditional grant from Nestlé Nutrition.

World Health Assembly resolution 49.15 expresses “Member states should ensure that the financial support for professionals working in infant and young child health does not create conflicts of interest, especially with regards to the WHO/UNICEF Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative.”

INFACT Quebec has written a letter to the organizers of the conference and the director general of St Justine, Dr Fabrice P. Brunet, and Dr Christine Collin, Director of health promotion. You are encouraged to do the same and stop this even happening. If we allow this first Conference with sponsorship from commercial infant milk companies it will mean there will be others to follow.

Please also let the Health minister know your concerns. (Contact information below.)

View the letters that were sent (English and French). You are welcome to adjust and use accordingly.


Carole Dobrich
INFACT Quebec President

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