Announcing the launch of the 21st Annual National Breastfeeding Conference website and the opening of conference registration

The 21st Annual National Breastfeeding Conference, October 20 and 21, 2011 in Toronto is now open for registration. It promises to be a stimulating, informative and exciting venue to connect with colleagues.

This year we are again privileged to present Dr. Anna Coutsoudis, global policy maker, researcher and practitioner from South Africa who will address the important topic of breastfeeding in the face of HIV. Our speaker lineup also includes Cindy-Lee Dennis, Jennifer Abbass Dick, Sue Hermann, Beth Nolson, Rebecca Norton, Jennifer Peddlesden, Laura Prodanyk, Linda Smith, Gail Storr and Jo Watson.

For all the conference information, including our eleven-page PDF brochure, log onto:

Hope to see you there.
The Breastfeeding Conference Committee