Japanese Calamity:

Breastfeeding in the Face of Natural Disaster and Nuclear Meltdown

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Breastfeeding in the Face of Natural Disaster and Nuclear Reactor Core Damage

March 23, 2011

It has been well over a week now that we the citizens of the world have been watching the seemingly unending horror unfold in Japan. First they endured an earthquake of historic proportions, followed rapidly by a tsunami of untold destruction. These unexpected natural disasters are frightening, devastating, and so very poignant and sad to comprehend. One cannot live in this age of instantaneous video reporting and see those images of death and destruction and not be affected at some deeply primal and emotional level. Initially, the concerns for after effects in other nations around the Pacific were also frightening, but came nowhere near the complete devastation in Japan. Totally coincidentally, I have been working on the United States Breastfeeding Committee Position Statement on Infant/Young Child Feeding in Emergencies. The images on the television brought the horrors of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita here in the US vividly back to my mind, and the words I have been typing into my computer drafting the Position Statement seem so inadequate in the face of the reality I see on the television screen. It leaves me feeling impotent to really help, armed only with a computer and words.

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Elisabeth Sterken
Director INFACT Canada