Warning: filling out coupons may hook you into the artificial promotion machine




    It never fails to amaze us at what lengths the infant formula industry will go to get its products into the mouths of babes. Filling out coupons can hook you into Nestle’s database for the promotion of its artificial feeding products.


    Maternity stores have for some time now, had a marketing relationship with MeadJohnson. Filling out coupons at the Thyme maternity wear stores have expectant mothers receiving MeadJohnson’s free sample and glossy mailings.  Nestlé too, we learned, has its tentacles out to get hold of expectant and new mothers. Parents who fill in coupons promoting the Heritage Scholarship Trust Fund Plan are finding themselves in the tentacles of Nestle’s formula promotions. Free samples are offered and free magazines sent via the mail, promoting the virtues of artificially feeding their babies.



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