Wal-Mart sabotaging breastfeeding




     INFACT member, Kimberly Hancock B.A., M.L.S. Co-Chair of the Breastfeeding Action Group- Western Region, Western Health Care Corporation, Cornerbrook Newfoundland, is proud that their efforts to increase breastfeeding rates in the western region of Newfoundland has increased rates from 39 % initiation to over 60%. She is outraged at how formula promotions attempt to sabotage these efforts to improve infant and young child health.


    “When shopping at Wal-Mart on October 1, 2002, the first day of World Breastfeeding Week, what did I hear but an overhead public announcement advertisement for the Wal-Mart brand ‘Parent’s Choice Infant Formula’ touting the product as ‘a nutritionally complete high quality, trusted alternative approved by Health Canada.’ I made my way over to the infant section of the department store and found a full display in the aisle. The cans have a cartoon bunny with blocks and a rubber duck, and the displays have pictures of healthy looking babies.










     “I decided that I had to go back with my camera. I went on the afternoon of October 2 and let the Wal-Mart greeter know that I had a camera in my bag and that I was going to take a picture of something in the infant section. While there, the overhead advertisement was playing yet again. Also, the cart I used had an advertisement for the formula as well. Pamphlets were available on the display for parents to take talking about the formula and bottle feeding in general.”.


 “…the idea of bottle feeding just to “involve the father” is one more instance of preserving the status quo at a price to the baby.”

—Marni Jackson in The Mother Zone




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