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The Nestlé Crunch (excerpted from the ontarion March 11, 1997)

Nestlé Crunch with money Seems that Nestlé is head of the line at University of Guelph in buying corporate influence. What with government cuts and all, who better to fund the Maternal and Child Community Nutrition Unit? Not to worry, according to Donna Woolcott, Chair of Family Studies, "We're really keen to provide a high quality education for our students, to do important research that has impact on society in a variety of ways." But, according to alumnus Craig Benjamin, and former radio journalist with CFRU, there was at times a lack of balance in classrooms when representatives of formula manufacturers were invited to speak without inviting breastfeeding advocates and "certain subjects became off limits when it came to questioning [corporate] donors..."

And there's more. Nestlé president Ian Murphy became a member of the Board of Governors in 1985 and when Nestlé announced its "gift" to the university, in 1987, before you can say, patronage, the Nestlé numero uno, was hiked to chair of the Board of Governors. Numero uno resigned in 1992, but that was not to be the end of Nestlé at the honoured U. Next is Keith Conklin, prez of Nestlé Food Service Division (frozen french fries, surely!!) to assume his rightful place on the Board of Governors.

How does the U of G president, Mordechai Rozanski defend the Nestlé association?

"Taking money from Nestlé was not like taking money from Nazis." (Wonder what made him think of Nazis!)


Add to boycott list:

Early this year Nestlé closed a deal with Ault Foods Ltd. to purchase its ice cream, yogurt and frozen novelties businesses for a neat $221 mil. Brands include-Meadowgold, J. Higby's and Famous brand ice creams, Haagen Dazs and Sealtest Parlor ice creams. Make your own--get a Donvier.



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