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Mead Johnson violates Section 52.(1) of the Canada Competition Act

The US based formula maker Mead Johnson has recently changed its labels on one of its products, making the claim, "modeled (sic) after mothers milk". This false and misleading claim, is intended to direct parents to believe that there is similarity betwee n canned artificial baby milk and breastmilk. Such a claim violates the Canadian Competition Act. According to the Act:

INFACT Canada has lodged a formal complaint with the Bureau of Competition Policy. Those found guilty under theAct are subject to maximum fines at the discretion of the court or imprisonment for up to five years on conviction upon indictment. To date the highest fine imposed has been $1,000,000.

In the UK, Mead Johnson is non-compliant to the labelling requirements of the new baby milk marketing law. Mead Johnson claims that formulas containing soy or hydrolysed cow's milk proteins do not come under the domain of the new regulations. Labels of th e MJ products showing Paddington Bear dressed as a doctor, breach the requirement of no picture or text idealizing the use of the product. Baby Milk Action, the Cambridge based breastfeeding action group has lodged a formal complaint.


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