Spring 2003

1.    Breastfeeding and maternal infections The role of breastmilk in the prevention of transmission.


2.   Passing on immunity - How breastmilk protects babies.                  


3.   Breastfeeding and intelligence - how a tinkering with deficiencies in formulas cannot replace breastmilk.


4.   Australia and the United Kingdom Say Six Months

            ►Exclusive Breastfeeding, Canada Still Lagging In The UK


5.  Codex Alimentarius Commission,  June 28 to July 7, 2003, Rome 


6.   Boobs or Bombs - Human Rights in Terrorist Times 


7.   Canada Breastfeeds News:

            ►St. Joseph's is officially Baby-Friendly

            ►Middlesex-London's Go For It! Campaign

            ►Pharmacie Jean-Coutu Pulls Formula Ads

            ►3 Strikes You're Out: Wal-Mart's Repeated Offences


8.   Nestlé Boycott Continues Strong


9.  Canada Celebrates World Breastfeeding Week 2003.


10.  Breast is best!

            How language undermines breastfeeding


11.  Progressive Protection Policies for Pakistan


12.  Raising the bar:

            ►India sets even higher standards for breastfeeding protection


13.  Abstracts                     

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