1.  How safe are Infant Formulas?

The death of a week-old baby in Belgium


2.  Some Recent infant formula recalls


3.  Case Reports Of E. sakazakii infections and powered infant formulas.


4.  Codex Labeling Committee prohibits health claims for infant foods


5.  Microsoft goes Micronutrient


6.  Brazeil strengthens its Code!


7.  World Health Assembly 2002 rejects commercial influence in infant feeding programmes.


8.  How the WHA Works


9.  Nestlé claims responsible use of GMOs in food products


10.  South Africa is banking it!


11.  Breastmilk contamination is NOT the problem!


12.  Canada Breastfeeds News:

Canada's Prenatal Nutrition Program boosts breastfeeding rates

Changing attitude, changing environments

WBW: Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies


13.  TRIGR triggers warning


14.  CICH accepts Nestlé sponsorship


15.  Breast-Feeding May Protect Against Celiac Disease


16.  Abstracts




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