The International Baby Food Action Network Newsletter

Moscow Breastfeeding Support Group


Over the past number of years baby milk companies have seen East European countries as a growth area for expanding their markets for artificial infant feeding products. These countries have become a focus of growth for breastfeeding support groups.


  IBFAN Code training and the expansion of the UNICEF Baby--Friendly Hospital Initiative have facilitated the growth of groups and networks for the support and protection of breastfeeding. Many new IBFAN groups have evolved with the help and support of IBFAN Europe.

One such group is the Moscow Breastfeeding Support Group organized in November 1998. This mother to mother support group formed with a nucleus of twelve mothers, has assisted over 500 new mothers during its first year. The leaders of the group received some training and are now public breastfeeding advisors.

The group welcomes communication with other breastfeeding advocacy groups, and contact may be made through:

Janna and Andrey Garegradsky
Post Box # 27
Moscow, Russia.


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