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Code violators such as Nestlé excluded from FTSE4Good ethical investment index.


Nestlé has been excluded from the new FTSE4Good ethical investment index launched yesterday due to its continued violation of breastmilk substitutes marketing requirements.


Nestlé, along with other manufacturers of breastmilk substitutes violating the Code, were excluded from the FTSE4Good index under section eight of the criteria for social issues and stakeholder relations which states:


“Companies must not have breached the infant formula manufacturing section of the International Code on Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes according to the International Baby Food Action Network [IBFAN].”


Jonathan Dorsett, Campaigns Officer at Baby Milk Action, the UK member of IBFAN said:


“This new FTSE index gives those who want to invest in the market the opportunity to take into account issues of corporate social responsibility. The fact that this index excludes Nestlé for its marketing malpractice, sends a clear message to Nestlé that it needs to bring its activities into line with the Code and Resolutions in all countries, and sends a message to investors to avoid Nestlé

until it makes the necessary changes.”


Infant milk formula accounted for 64% of global baby sales. Sales of milk formula in dried and powdered form totaled $10,920 million.


Report gives developments in the baby food industry worldwide.

An industry report gives insight into the size and structure of the baby food market at every level and provides in-depth analysis of current market trends.


The key findings:

• Forecast sales for 2005 are to be just over US $19,823 million.

• Sales of baby food increased by some 2.4% in value terms, but by a substantially higher 13.6% in volume terms.

• The commercial potential of baby food is growing. • Sales of baby food in the Asia-Pacific region increased faster than anywhere else between 1996 and 2000.

• Poland ranked as the fastest growing market between 1996 and 2000. Volume sales in Poland increased by 85% during this period.

• Baby food sales in Western Europe and Latin America are expected to increase by some 10% during the forecast period. In both cases, sales of prepared food and milk formula are expected to drive growth.

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