Breastfeeding photo contest for Saskatchewan

and Manitoba mothers




    A Breastfeeding Photo Contest has been launched for Saskatchewan and  Manitoba residents. Moms For Milk Breastfeeding Network was received a grant to launch this contest. Its purpose is to support families to breastfeed beyond infancy. Most women (90% in some areas) in Saskatchewan initiate  breastfeeding, however, the rate quickly drops to less than 50% by six months.


With this contest we hope to…

…make breastfeeding in public acceptable and visible

…demonstrate how women can incorporate breastfeeding into their normal daily lives

…show that breastfeeding is important in North America, not just in “poor countries”

…honour and celebrate women who breastfeed

…share women’s breastfeeding experiences

…provide a supply and variety of images for promotional and educational publications

…raise the profile of the sponsoring groups

…promote public discussion


For further information,

contact Janice Reynolds and Linda Romphf of the Moms For Milk Breastfeeding

Network at .



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