Winter 1997 Newsletter INFACT Canada

Breastfeeding: good for babies, good for mothers, good for the environment

World Breastfeeding Week, 1997--Breastfeeding: Nature's Way


World Breastfeeding Week 1997 offers an oportunity to educate the community on the benefits of breastfeeding, not just to mothers and babies, but society as a whole. Breastfeeding protects the environment:

  • breastmilk does not have to be shipped around the world
  • breastmilk needs no extra packaging
  • breastfeeding produces no waste
  • breastfeeding women do not menstruate
  • breastfeeding immunizes babies against illnesses and saves lives, money and health care resources

A breastfed baby leaves fewer leftovers.

Bottle feeding harms the environment:


WBW Action Kit

For resources to help you raise the issues of ecologically sound infant feeding--posters, informationals, WABA WBW flyer, press releases, declarations--contact INFACT Canada. Fax: (416) 591-9355 or e-mail:

INFACT Canada's World Breastfeeding Week Action Kit will be available in May 1997.

International WBW is August 1 to 7. Canada WBW is October 1 to 7.



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