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Feeding Baby Through the Ages

( How we lost our breastfeeding culture - shurely!)

"This book tells the story of how infant feeding reached today's standard of excellence," a Mead Johnson 'history of infant feeding' from the 1960's reads.

"While everyone talked about flappers and the Charlston...the repeal of prohibition and the Great Depression, another important event was quietly occurring; better care for babies.

"The old traditions gave way to sound medical practices. The mother-to-be regularly visited her doctor for prenatal care. Most babies were now born in hospitals. Care improved as doctors specified the exact formula ingredients, administered vaccinations and advised on the care of babies.

"Today ...feeding baby is simpler and safer than ever before. Better feeding begins in hospital where formula preparation and handling is more efficient than it was just a few years ago....The latest advance is 'ready-to-use' formulas that eliminate all formula preparation...mother simply pours the premixed and sterilized formula from the can into a bottle, or handier still, a sterilized special nipple unit is inserted in the top of the can, and baby's feeding is ready.

"Physicians will continue to play the key role as they evaluate the developments tomorrow will bring. Their knowledge will assure the best possible nutrition for each infant under their care."

[Ed note - as we near the millenium, this key role still remains the biggest obstacle in the struggle to re-establish a breastfeeding culture!]

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