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  1. Growth of breastfed babies

  2. AAP’s breastfeeding and the use of human milk.

  3. Infant feeding in emergencies

  4. Canada Breastfeeds News

  5. Vitamin D recommendations remain controversial: INFACT Canada requests review of policy

  6. World Health Assembly: what’s on the agenda?

  7. French parents outraged at lack of information about contaminated infant formulas.

  8. Buying influence: sponsorship compromises those working in infant health

  9. Ill-Health Canada: Putting Food and Drug Company Profits Ahead of Safety

  10. Annual National Breastfeeding Seminar for Health Professionals

  11. October 1 to 7 is WBW in Canada.

  12. What the International Code says about sponsorship

  13. Breastfeeding Anytime, Anywhere

  14. Dr. Chandra and Nestlé: why we need independently funded research

  15. From the Journals

  16. Breastfeeding Information Resource Centre

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