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  1. Scientific fraud and child health.  How Nestlé-funded research supported deceptive "hypoallergenic" claims

  2. Nestlé using deadly labels in South Asia

  3. Nestlé to buy Body Shop

  4. Massachusetts free formula ban: breastfeeding protection or government intrusion?

  5. Health Canada infant feeding recommendations improved

  6. Meat or pap?  Meat as a first complementary food for breastfed infants

  7. Breastfeeding while introducing gluten reduces risk of coeliac disease

  8. The US National Institute of Health to review safety of soy formula

  9. Canada Breastfeeds News:  Jack Newman’s Clinic has new location

  10. Canada Breastfeeds News:  RNAO interest groups propose increased breastfeeding support

  11. Canada Breastfeeds News:  Breastfeeding and curling win again!

  12. Canada Breastfeeds News:  Renewed interest in milk banking may see new banks established

  13. Canada Breastfeeds News:  New Brunswick aims to increase breastfeeding rates

  14. Canada Breastfeeds News:  Canada’s Baby Friendly facilities are six and counting…

  15. What’s happening?

  16. 2005 Clinical Guidelines for the Establishment of Exclusive Breastfeeding

  17. From the Journals

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