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        1.         IBFAN Regional Co-ordinating Offices

        2.         WHO Settles Duration of Exclusive Breastfeeding

        3.         Landmark Resolution at 54th WHA

        4.         Globalization for the Protection of Breastfeeding

        5.         Brazil's Human Milk Banks;  Bangledesh Introduces

                    Maternity Rights.


        6.         African Breastfeeding Rates Threatened;

                    Follow up study on Risk of HIV Transmission.


        7.         Risk Analysis report; Activists demonstrate against

                    Nestlé; Cameroon joins Nestlé boycott

        8.         IBFAN Guidelines on Breastfeeding & Dioxins

        9.         The Worst Violators of the International Code

      10.        Report investigates baby food industry;

                    FTSE4Good investment index;

                    Latest news on the IBFAN Website

      11.        IBFAN Ethics & Information

      12.        IBFAN Resources;

                   Latin American Study on Mortality & Breastfeeding